Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!

Because of a very busy weekend life in general, I'm a lot behind on my Friday posts -- this one covers the past two weeks -- but so many great things happened in December too. It's been an awesome time celebrating the holiday, finishing up school work, and basketball games… I've really enjoyed focusing on the great parts of my week.

1. Celebrating the holiday was so much fun! My family especially has all sorts of random traditions that we like to do together. Cousin-only game night, family movie night (movie theater style), and family game night are just a few around Christmas and New Year. I feel so blessed to have so many awesome people to celebrate with!

2. Basketball season is already half-way over! The husband and his girls have had a great season (despite having three snow days and two games rescheduled). They just had another big win last night agains rivals L&M. My favorite part (as always) is getting to know the girls -- they are all such great young ladies! Last week they all wore their Christmas presents from Kasey and I -- matching pink socks! It looked a-mazing!

3. Resolutions. It seems like everyone this year has made resolutions. I haven't decided yet what mine are going to be -- I know that it's already the 10th of January and I should have figured this out by now, but I'm trying to rethink my year. This year I want to focus on the single-word concept. What will be 'my word' for 2014?! What word will help me focus on achieving all the things that God has planned?! (I'm still working on it!)

4. A few weeks ago I discovered (quite by accident) a great movement on instagram called the #edufashionchallenge -- each day there is a different element to strive for when planning outfits. It has really motivated me to put some extra effort and thought into my clothing choices -- it also gives me a little more focus during my morning routine!

5. One thing I have rocked in 2014 is staying connected with the wonderful blogging community! I have taken extra time to intentionally read the great suggestion and thoughts of some amazing women and have even ventured out of my comfort zone and done some comments and twitter chatting. I am so grateful for the bloggers that have taken the time to reach out to me and reply. The advice and help from women who have it together is going to help make 2014 a great year!

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!

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