Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to Basics...

I have decided to get back to the basics... the past few weeks I have been super grouchy (BF even called me out on in this weekend), and there is no excuse. I have been taking it out on my kiddos, my coworkers, and my friends. Unacceptable.

This weekend I had an epiphany -- HungryRunnerGirl style. I haven't had time made time to read her posts in for-ever. My blog reader was up to 50+ entries for her blog alone. And I was missing it… not only was I missing out on her amazing new announcement, but I also noticed that she (and my other blogger-friends) were still doing all the things that I missed doing. A ton. They were still running, cooking healthy food, and writing.

I’m not about to start making excuses… but here are a few things that have been part of my reality the past few weeks:

1. I have not been allowed to exercise the fast and easy way because of an injury – no 30-day Shred or running outside. I am only able to do the elliptical or swim at the gym. All of this meant that I avoided working out all together. I still did a little at the physical therapist – but my gym misses me.

2. My schedule has been really busy with things I normally don’t do. I applied to, interviewed for, and accepted a new teaching job in the fall. All in a matter of 18 days. (Yikes!) I had forgotten how much work applying for jobs was. It’s a job in itself! Everything else fell to the way-side.

3. I haven’t been eating as healthily as I did last year at this time – we didn’t do a ‘Wellness Challenge’ at school this year, and I epically failed at keeping myself motivated. I miss vegetables. And not feeling crappy.

4. I haven’t been writing. No explanation here, I just haven’t done it. I know my two readers out there don’t miss me! (Two is being way generous.) But it’s something I’ve missed.

So, this week and next (hello-spring-break!) I am going to work on getting back to all the things I loved doing this last spring and summer. I am going to make time for running, healthy eating (less fast-food), writing/reading, and – most importantly – reading blogs.