Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Exchange Reveal

I have decided to come out of my blogging break/non-blogger status just long enough to tell you how Laureen at Chateau Deveau (as part of a Mother's Day Blog Exchange) helped me celebrate my first Mother's Day!

It was obvious to me that Laureen is a fabulous mom (to T and Homegirl!) who has been through this pregnancy rollercoaster before! These days the fastest way to my heart are things that taste good, smell good, and make me feel good - she included all three! AND it was so sweet of her to read my ancient blog posts and choose things I would really enjoy. 

Consider me spoiled!

If we are being totally honest here, the Fit Pregnancy magazine and the chocolates were the first to go! After taking pictures, both joined me on the couch for a much needed end-of-the-day rest! The box also included mascara and lip balm (two of my beauty basics - I might even save them for my hospital bag); a cute stationary set of notecards, pens, and colorful magnets; a golden vanilla candle (the good smelling part of the gift); and two flower seed packets for my garden. 

Can I say again how sweet it was of Laureen to 'get to know' me through my old blog posts and Instagram feed?!

My absolute favorite part was the super sweet card she sent. I know that thousands (millions?)of women have rocked pregnancy and motherhood -- but one of the most comforting things I've found is when I can connect one on one with other moms. I love that I am not alone.

Finally, I had so much fun putting together a package to send to Sarah at Seeing All Sides. I was definitely paired with the two best mommas out there - but Sarah and I made so many fun connections through our getting-to-know-you emails. Sarah (and her husband, kids, and dog Kinnick) live in KC BUT she is originally from Southeastern Iowa and is a Hawkeye fan! (Did the Kinnick part give it away?!) She is also a high school teacher and is pretty much rocking it at life! I have so loved getting to know her through her blog posts!

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mommas of the world!