Friday, January 17, 2014

High Five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday! 
(This is my second week in a row -- I hope it sticks!)

1. High five for the first full week of school and work since December (we actually had a late-start on Tuesday, but I still got dressed and taught for 5 days in a row. that's a big deal!). It took a few days for the kiddos to settle back into a schedule, but we are finally there!

2. My family still isn't done with our Christmas traditions -- this past weekend we had family game night and this coming weekend we have church and dinner with our extended family. I've already said it (a million times) but extended family time is my absolute favorite. This past weekend we stayed up late playing the card game 'tick'. I was the new-bie and swept for the win!

3. This week I started doing staff workouts after school -- I only made it to one of the two days this week, but it was so much fun! I missed organized workouts and the coworker that leads them did a great job of teaching us how to use all the equipment! My goal is two days next week!

4. Baby Fever. Along with family time, I have gotten to hangout with some pretty cool kiddos this weekend and got to meet miss Kennedy Jane (only 10 days old!). Eli is at an awesome age -- he was so entertained by his own expressions on my phone!

5. I am so excited to be back into a normal schedule after the holidays. We have been working on meal planning, and organizing the house. January is such a great time for new starts -- there are a few habits we are putting into place (like Saturday morning work sessions, reading devotionals daily, and church every sunday!).

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!

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