Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 Goals for June

First, a review of my May goals:
1. Purchase and Set-up New Furniture. We are technically waiting for our couch and chair to be delivered -- but that's out of my control, so I'm calling this one done!
2. Organize the Office. You will notice this one is carried over to my June goals below. It flat-out didn't get done. Or started.
3. Take a trip to Goodwill. I still have hopes of a few more trips.
4. Clean & Organize my Classroom. 
5. Stay Current on Grades.
6. Visit the Teacher Librarians at my New Job. I actually did this one twice - I'm no where near ready for a new position in the fall - but a lot I'm closer.
7. Work Out. I am going to repeat this one again next month. Even though I got in a few workouts, it's still something I need to keep as my summer goal.
8. Finish and Submit my Thesis Proposal. 
9. Buy a Car. 
10. Find and Commit to Two Blog Link-ups. It took me until the very last week of May to accomplish this goal - but I hope to keep it up throughout the summer!

Okay -- on to what I want to accomplish in June (my first month off of school - so these goals are pretty lofty!):

Home Goals
1. Organize the Office. Our new office quickly became the dumping ground for boxes and things that were moved, but didn't have another home. Cleaning and organizing this room is the final step in the big move!
2. Weed the Garden Weekly. 
3. Take a Trip to Goodwill. I am still working on minimizing our life -- we have SO MANY boxes that have now been moved to two house without even being opened. That needs to stop!

Work Goals
4. Attend the Technology Integration Conference in Dubuque. June 17-18. So excited!
5. Finalize the Endorsement on my Teaching License & Complete New Job Paperwork. This is a much more complicated process than I ever would have imagined - it's a 'start the very first week of June' goal!
6. Read 2 of the Iowa High School Book Award Nominees. (And hopefully 2 more in July and 2 more in August!)

Personal Goals
7. Work Out.
8. Pre-write Post (so I am always one ahead!). I tend to end up with about 6 half-written posts, but none that are 'publish ready' (for example, this goals post that was 10 days late!). 
9. Re-start Cross Stitching and Begin a Sampler. I am so excited for this one - I need a creative outlet and Katie at the Amateur Librarian reminded me how much fun cross stitch can be!
10. Go on Summer Dates with my Husband.

Thanks Cassie at Back to Her Roots for the great goal inspiration. And for being an awesome blog to read everyday!

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What are your goals for the month of June?

Friday, June 6, 2014

High Five for Friday 6.6

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 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

Busy week -- lots of great pictures!

1. This past weekend I was honored to be the confirmation sponsor for my cousin Riley -- I am so proud of the young adult she has become and can't wait for her journey of faith to continue! (and I got to meet an archbishop!)

2. The most fun day of the school year -- adequately named fun day -- happened! It was so awesome to see all the kids enjoying themselves at the park, and the teachers had a great time too!

3. This week has been jam-packed with end of the year events. But, the sad truth is that I had to box up my classroom and end my 7 years as a classroom teacher. I am so excited for what the future holds -- but a little bit of sadness is also part of change. 

4. Out of the many, many things I am excited for this summer -- reading is one of them! I signed up for the summer reading program at the local public library and am already pushing through my first book (The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson). Great Read!

5. Once again, I have the sweetest co-workers. Flowers from my work BFF on my last day!

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Perfect Pairs Wedding Shower

I love to be the host. So, this past week I jumped at the chance to throw a bridal shower for a coworker who is getting married over summer break. 

Our school does very simple gatherings/showers for weddings, births, retirements, etc. We typically hold them after school and invite everyone. There aren't usually games -- but food is highly encouraged (mostly to attract guests). We also all contribute to a larger 'group' gift. This meant there wasn't a lot to plan -- but I wanted to have a cute theme and some simple decorations.

After a little Pinterest searching I discovered this link and decided that the idea of 'Perfect Pairs' was... well, perfect!

The centerpieces were definitely my favorite part - we just brainstormed different 'pairs' we already had around the house. The colors - pink and yellow - really don't have much significance. The just happened to be the colors of the table clothes we already had! (reduce - reuse - recycle, people!) I made the 'Perfect Pairs' banner and small signs using an online tutorial and construction paper.

We also carried the theme on to the food -- chocolate & vanilla (cupcakes); meat & cheese; apples & oranges (fruit); chips & dip; iced tea & lemonade.

To wrap it all up, her gift was a few things she registered for - a rolling cooler and some glasses -- plus a bunch of grilling and cookout necessities with the tag: Summer & Cookouts.

It was a BLAST! Everything came together so well that I can't wait to host another shower - or any other party!

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