Friday, November 15, 2013

High Five for Friday

I love the blogging community. I look forward to checking in on some of my favorite blogging-friends everyday. In my never-ending effort to be part of this great community, I am vowing to become a contributor by blogging again. I'm going to start off easy… one day at a time and one post at a time.

Today, I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!

1. Sunday night my family met for our my mom's birthday dinner -- the guest of honor gets to choose the restaurant! It was so great to see my mom, dad, sister, and Scott… and Bob's Your Uncle in Iowa City as the best spinach artichoke dip with pita bread!

2. My work week started off great by honoring our veterans with 600+ of my favorite kiddos. I was part of the committee for our Veterans Day ceremony -- and it was wonderful. The kids did a fantastic job and we had over 100 veterans in attendance! Hearing all the K-8 voices singing America the Beautiful is my favorite part every year!

3. This week is round one of parent/teacher conferences and the end of the first trimester. Some days I can't believe that the year is one-third of the year is already over, and other days I can't wait for summer. My students this year have been great -- we have made loads of changes to our middle school curriculum and my 8th graders are rising to the occasion! I can't wait to meet the parents of this fabulous class!

How cute are these goodie bags from our Sunshine Committee! Long days are always more manageable if there are snacks!

4. I started working out again this week -- it's a long process, but my Activelink from Weight Watchers is a great way for me to feel motivated and to track my goals. After three days, Jillian Michaels is still on my good side!

5. I could not be more excited for this weekend! One of my very best friends is getting married and I am blessed to be a part of her big day! I will be wearing the most beautiful dress and dancing the night away! 

She is one of my very best friends and we have been kind enough to allow our husbands to be part of this elite group. We can not wait to grow old together as married-couple friends!

I hope everyone else is looking forward to a fabulous weekend!

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