Monday, August 6, 2012

A Pinterest Classroom...

Pinterest, Twitter, and Blogs have changed my classroom. I have been on the look-out lately, but it still seems like Pinterest classrooms and Twitter lessons have been popping up everywhere. I love how much teachers have been sharing with one another, and how available great ideas are! I am a talker (a loud talker) so I have always communicated well with my classmates and co-workers, but social media has opened up a world for me where I can 'talk' to the greatest educators from across the world. I have discovered some of the greatest teaching-minds in nearby districts - and have even been able to 'steal' ideas from famous teacher-authors like Penny Kittle.

So, this year I will be stealing, borrowing, and sharing ideas all the freakin' time! Here are 5 of my favorites (so far) as I set up my classroom. Kiddos come in 16 days! (yikes!)

Make-over for my teacherbinder: This is an amazing post with great suggestions for sections/contents for your teacherbinder (it's a new word). Her suggestions will 'up' the productivity of my binder!

Favorite Bulletin Board: For the first time in my teaching career, I have more than one (seven, actually) bulletin boards. This will takeover two of them!

Organization for a Substitute: This is one of those ideas I'm going to have to 'age' a little for my middle school classroom, but it's still a wonderful idea. One place where all my sub copies and ideas can be - all you have to do is add the specific unit plans!

Favorite Motivator: I love the saying "Kiss your Brain" - even for Middle School! I am excited to keep this filled with Hershey Kisses for my kids that are really on-top of things that day!

Favorite Common Core Checklist: I love, love, love this chart! I had to 'steal' the idea and make mine using MS Language Arts standards - but it's a quick way to keep yourself and your students accountable for those Common Core and Iowa Core standards! 

PS: I can (and probably will) do an entire post on a-mazing anchor charts I've found!

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