Monday, April 21, 2014


Thinking…of the many tasks that will accompany the many changes that we are anticipating in the coming weeks and months. I am thinking of ways to organize and maintain my sanity. I am thinking of ways to prepare for the future without forgetting to live in the moment. 

Feeling…renewed and refreshed. Spring cleaning and moving have been a great time for me to declutter our home and Lent was an excellent opportunity for me to declutter my life and focus on what matters most. 
WatchingExtreme Couponing -- and any other TLC show that I can stream on Netflix.
Excited…about moving and all the redecorating I am going to get to do - I can not wait for my house to no longer be a disastrous moving zone (although that might take a few months!). 
Reading…a lot of graduate school notes and articles... and The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan and This Star Won't Go Out by Ester Grace Earl (recommended by John Green, so it's a must read!)
Wondering…what God has planned for our family next. There are so many unknowns and questions that I am anxious to have answers for. 
Working…on lesson planning for the rest of the year. I only have a unit and a half left as a classroom teacher, and I want to make sure that I give it my all. There are a lot of fun things coming up - including book spine poetry to celebrate Poetry Month and a field trip to the National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque. 

Stressed…about finishing up my semester of graduate school. I only have two weeks left and a LONG to do list. A test, a disposition, a reflection paper, and a final revision of my thesis proposal are still setting half-finished on my desktop. 
Proud…of my husband. He is so confident when making decisions that will better our lives for the future.
Wanting…for myself and those around me to be content with a calm life. We are so blessed with wonderful family and friends I need to remind myself that we have enough and to be content.
Wishing…I would have gotten this Crystal Faye sweatshirt sooner. I'm worried that it's just getting warm enough that I won't need to wear it anymore. And this Erin Condren planner sooner. It took me until April to get a 2014 planner. And that I made more time to be active.
Eating…Easter candy, Easter candy, and more Easter candy. Honeycrisp apples. Triscuits and string cheese. Anything that can be grilled.
Drinking…Diet Coke, Smart Water, and this year's first batch of sun tea. 

Loving…online shopping, Pinterest, and how inspirational all my favorite blogs have been. My family for helping us move. My husband for putting up with the many changes in our life (and my hesitation with each and every one of them). The sunshine and the rain. New babies. Spending time with friends.

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  1. That sweatshirt is so cute! I'm jealous of your move. I really would like to de-clutter and just move sometime, though I know it will be crazy when I do. Good luck finishing up grad school!