Monday, April 14, 2014


Now that it's holy week, I wanted to take a look back on the Lenten season.

In April, I instagram-committed to doing 40 random acts of kindness for Lent with Becky from and a few others... I got off to a great start and spread all sorts of goodness in the first two weeks. While I haven't stayed perfect the whole time, I really have felt a difference in the way I treat those around me...

It's amazing how many times per day God gives you an opportunity to be kind. Even though I tried to do a majority of my acts of kindness randomly and anonymously (so most didn't make it to Instagram), I found drawn to the many coworkers, students, and friends that I interact with everyday that could use some extra kindness.

The two best parts:

I also have felt the love myself... a few very amazing people in my life also took on the challenge to do nice things for others (including me). This was absolutely the best part -- seeing others be inspired to spread the kindness... it really is the reason for the Lenten season!

I still have so many ideas for upcoming opportunities to do random acts of kindness for those around me... I don't plan on stoping once lent is over. I hope to continue to spread as much kindness and caring as I possibly can to those around me. 

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  1. Oh, yay! I have tapered off, too, but it's been fun to be more intentional. I agree, I won't let the end of lent stop me. :)