Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Complicated...

I remember a few years ago when the phrase "it's complicated" became a relationship option on facebook -- I remember giggling. A lot. It didn't seem to occur to me at the time that there was something other than 'single' or 'in a relationship' or that people would be willing to publicize it! But now that I'm living out in the big dating world, I've come to the decision that all twenty-something relationships are complicated. When I think of all my friends who are single or in dating relationships (let's leave out marriages for now -- mainly because I don't know the first thing about being married!) they all have some sort of issue in their relationships; not enough to end a connection, just enough to make things complicated.

Even right now amongst my close friends, there is a seemingly endless list of complications... But, he's five years younger than I am. But, she lives half-way across the country. But, he just doesn't do relationships. But, we work together. But, she has an ex-husband. But, he has a daughter. But, he doesn't always answer my calls. And (my personal fav) but, he's nothing I'm looking for in a relationship.

As single twenty-somethings (honestly -- closer to thirty-something), we have already lived... some of us more than others. It's hard to merge our baggage with another person's; what if it doesn't all fit? Complicated seems like something that's impossible to avoid. But, I haven't yet admitted defeat -- I'm not ready to accept that I will be "it's complicated" with someone. I am going to hold out for that perfect situation.

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