Monday, June 2, 2014

Perfect Pairs Wedding Shower

I love to be the host. So, this past week I jumped at the chance to throw a bridal shower for a coworker who is getting married over summer break. 

Our school does very simple gatherings/showers for weddings, births, retirements, etc. We typically hold them after school and invite everyone. There aren't usually games -- but food is highly encouraged (mostly to attract guests). We also all contribute to a larger 'group' gift. This meant there wasn't a lot to plan -- but I wanted to have a cute theme and some simple decorations.

After a little Pinterest searching I discovered this link and decided that the idea of 'Perfect Pairs' was... well, perfect!

The centerpieces were definitely my favorite part - we just brainstormed different 'pairs' we already had around the house. The colors - pink and yellow - really don't have much significance. The just happened to be the colors of the table clothes we already had! (reduce - reuse - recycle, people!) I made the 'Perfect Pairs' banner and small signs using an online tutorial and construction paper.

We also carried the theme on to the food -- chocolate & vanilla (cupcakes); meat & cheese; apples & oranges (fruit); chips & dip; iced tea & lemonade.

To wrap it all up, her gift was a few things she registered for - a rolling cooler and some glasses -- plus a bunch of grilling and cookout necessities with the tag: Summer & Cookouts.

It was a BLAST! Everything came together so well that I can't wait to host another shower - or any other party!

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